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Dan Heck Trio

Tracey Coryell Duo

Tracey Coryell (Vo.Gt) Michiko Morell (Perc)
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater, Orlando. Oct. 28th

Tracey Coryell (Vo.Gt) Michiko Morell (Perc)
Space Coast Music Festival, Melbourne. Nov. 2nd

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Dan Heck(Gt) Michael Ross(Bs) Marty Morell(Dr)
The French ,Naples  Oct.27th

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Michiko Ohta Morell : Vocalist / Vocal Coach / Latin Percussionist / Instructor
Marty Morell : Drummer / Vibraphonist / Pianist / Composer / Arranger /
Jazz Drum set Professor at the University of Central Florida.

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Dan Miller (Tp) Lew DelGatto (Tenor)
Don Mopsick(Bs) Marty Morell(Dr)
March of Dimes Event,Bonita Springs, Oct 24th

Tracey Coryell Duo

Concerts Latin Music, Latin Jazz Music , Jazz Music / Jazz Festivals / Private Parties / Duo & Trio with Vocals / Touring /
Arranging / Composing / Producing / Creating CD Quality Tracks and Recording /
Jazz Drum set Clinics / Latin Percussion Clinics / Vocal lessons & Coaching

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M & M Music USA   Marty Morell  &  Michiko Ohta Morell

Dan Miller & Lew DelGatto Quartet

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